The Town: ‘I don’t show it to anyone, but whoever sees it, praises it’, says Gabriel Santana about intimate tattoo


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Gabriel Santana, 23, is such a fan of Bruno Mars that it was not enough for him to follow the singer’s performance, this Sunday (3), at The Town festival, in São Paulo. “Man, it’s one of my favorite artists, so I got a two-day ticket,” he told F5.

Single, the actor said he was accompanied by his best friend, but he also found some of the passions he had during his time at BBB 23 (Globo): Sarah Aline and Bruna Griphao were also in the VIP box where he circulated.

“The friendship that remained after the BBB is wonderful”, he says. “There’s no atmosphere, no, that’s it, people. Of course not. I got along very well with everyone in the house. Really really.”

He also explained a recent statement comparing the fame he gained from his role as Mosca in “Chiquititas” (SBT) with that obtained on Globo’s reality show. “I think people didn’t watch the whole interview,” he reckons. “Really, I think ‘Chiquititas’ was a much bigger boom, but I think it’s unfair to compare a soap opera that was on the air for 2 years, has more than 10 years and is in the Top 10 on Netflix.”

“I think the BBB put me somewhere else in my career,” he continues. “People recognize me much more as Gabriel. My figure is much more disconnected from my characters.”

The actor also commented on a tattoo that he recently made in the groin area and that ended up catching the attention of fans when he showed it on social networks. “Few people come. It’s not a place that you can see very easily. I don’t show it to just anyone, but those who see it, praise it”, he jokes.

Santana, who during the BBB spoke openly about being bisexual, said that the program increased interest in his private life. “I think people just didn’t know because of the detail, because I never made a point of hiding it. Several events I went to, I ended up kissing boys and girls, just as I continue to do in the post-BBB.”

“The point is that, in the old days, the media wasn’t so concerned with who Gabriel Santana was kissing”, he analyzes. “Nowadays, I don’t know why, people want to keep filming it.”

On social media, he says male harassment hasn’t changed that much. “Before, there were already many boys who would hit on me by direct”, he says. As for nudes, he says he doesn’t usually open what he gets from the most daring ones.

“I don’t see it,” he says. “To be honest, I don’t want to say this so people don’t stop flirting with me. But I’m a little lazy to flirt on social media, you know? So it’s not a place where if I see a nude, if I see a message , I’ll end up answering.”

Source: Folha

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