The Town: Fiuk says he came to the festival single and that he has no problem staying with fans


Victor Moreno

This Sunday (3), Fiuk, 32, was in the VIP box at The Town and joked about the repercussion of a publication he recently made on social networks, in which he said he was taking public transport for the first time. “I come from Chevette,” he joked good-naturedly.

The actor and singer stated that he would one day like to perform at an event like the one he came to follow as a spectator. “Every festival I go to is enchanting, you know? You keep looking and thinking: ‘Wow, one day, hopefully, right?’ It’s exciting to see the structure. It’s really cool, really cool.”

Fiuk also says that he is also single and that he takes advantage of occasions like the festival to meet people. “It’s obvious that if there’s a nice girl, with whom I identify, sometimes she ends up rolling, but it’s not the focus, I don’t go looking.” He says he has no problem staying with fans: “Obviously, obviously! Even more so a person who admires you, hey, it’s cool, it’s cool, it’s cool.”

The son of Fábio Jr. and Cleo’s brother detailed that he also started to be approached by people who have an affinity with drifting, a type of car driving that he recently fell in love with and that he has been exploring on social networks. He even anticipated that he is launching a channel on the subject on YouTube next week.

“I started posting content from a car some time ago, so it’s been a surprise”, says the artist, who also opened a workshop recently. “When I started, in 2011, there were very few people who did drifting. And in a very beginner’s way. So I can say that I started the movement with these people. But I started to take it seriously: I started to produce events in 2018 and now that I’m really embracing my passion for cars.”

Even so, he doesn’t intend to end his artistic career anytime soon. “I’m doing everything at the same time, so the time for things to really happen is a little longer”, he explains, who also has a film to be released in 2024. “It’s a different project”, adds Fiuk, without giving details About the project.

Source: Folha

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