Summer may be formally over, but not the summer mood. This September is full of the most explosive concerts of both domestic artists finishing their summer tours, as well as world-renowned singers and beloved bands. We’re excited for them all one by one, so we’ve put together a list to guide you through all the concerts of the month.

  • Yiannis Angelakas & 100°C in Technopolis

On a very rock, festive day we are invited by Yiannis Angelakas & 100°C to Technopolis. Their concerts always give us the feeling of being at a festival, so it’s the perfect opportunity to live a little more summer even though it’s over. Their guest of honor, Paidi Trauma, will present his new album “Mainstream” for the first time.
Never; September 4
Tickets: €15

  • “A hug of songs”: Tribute to Antonis Vardis in Kallimarmaro

Tribute to Antonis Vardis

A musical evening dedicated exceptionally to the great creator Antonis Vardis, is organized in Kallimarmaro Together we can. Selected guests, big names of the Greek pentagram and specifically of folk song, such as Stathis Angelopoulos, Glykeria, Haris Alexiou, George Dalaras and many others will be there to honor the great composer, while supporting the work of Toti Mazi Borome.
Never; September 4
Tickets: from €10

  • Natasha Bofiliou at the Vrachon Theater

Natasha Bofiliou

A winning team does not change. Natasa Bofiliou joins forces again with the unique Themis Karamouratides and Gerasimos Evaggelato and they invite us for a delightful musical evening, while proposing an interesting and unique musical performance.
Never; September 4, 5
Tickets: €15

  • Anna Vissi in Herodion

Anna Vissi

It is indeed in our blood, in our veins, in our cells. Anna Vissi, as the ultimate Greek star that she is, has managed to captivate us all these years with her multidimensional and iconic songs. Celebrating 50 years of a musical career, she will be at Herodio and together we will burn everything that concerns us, enjoying her great successes.
Never; September 6
Tickets: from €20

  • Common Mortals at Rematias Theatre

The Common Mortals

The Common Mortals come to the stage of the Rematias Theater in Chalandri to excite the audience with their unique pieces. The unique style, the fusion of many different musical genres and the deafening lyrics are some of the elements that make them one of the most distinctive bands of our time.
Never; September 7
Tickets: €13