Kayky Brito: police carry out new examination at the location of the case and must report an accident without fault


Gabriel Vaquer

The civil police of Rio de Janeiro carried out a complementary investigation last Thursday night (7) at the scene of the run-over of actor Kayky Brito, which happened last Saturday (2) in Barra da Tijuca, west zone of Rio.

The police measured the last meters traveled by the actor. Even with the diligence, the tendency is for the 16th DP, which carries out the investigations, to report that the case was an accident with no one to blame.

From the kiosk to the place where Kayky was run over, it was about 78 meters. From the median to the place where Kayky was hit, the police concluded that it was 11 meters.

Finally, 33 meters from where the impact occurred to the pedestrian crossing that was present at the scene. Next week, the police will have completed the image analysis of the car belonging to Diones da Silva, the driver who ran over him.

However, this is just a procedure. The speed allowed on the road is 70 kilometers per hour, but the images obtained by the police authorities and the testimonies have already confirmed to the investigators that the driver was on the correct road, provided assistance and helped Brito with what could be done at that time.

Kayky Brito was with friends, including actor and presenter Bruno de Luca, shortly before being run over. According to police chief Ângelo Lages, who is leading the investigation into the case, Kayky was at the Dona Marta kiosk, located at post 6 in Barra da Tijuca.

He was having fun with friends, and went to the car to get an object. When trying to return to the location, he was run over. There was an attempt to deviate from the actor, but it was not possible.

The main witness in the case testified last Monday (4) and confirmed the driver’s version. Bruno de Luca took the stand last Wednesday (6) and said he didn’t know who his friend had been run over.

To the F5the civil police department sent the following note: “A friend of the victim gave a statement and stated that he did not realize on the day that he was the one who had been run over. The police station is awaiting the expert report, which is in the final phase, to report the investigation and forward it to the Public Prosecutor’s Office”.

Source: Folha

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