Danielle Winits says she doesn’t mind sexy roles, but that ‘the market is still sexist’


Leonardo Volpato

She has already debuted on TV as a sensual girl in “Sex Appeal” (1993), was a topless beauty in “Corpo Dourado” (1998), a “dumb blonde” in “Uga Uga” (2000) and a young girl contested by heartthrobs in “Kubanacan” (2003), all from Globo. But today, Danielle Winits celebrates the possibility of being a witch in the play she is playing in São Paulo. According to the actress, despite never having cared about labels, the television market has always been sexist.

“This already bothered me when I was in my early 20s, but it was more because of other people’s eyes on my more sensual roles. I never turned my back on anything that came to me. I have no problem playing sexy characters, but the market still It’s very sexist”, she says, in a chat with the F5.

Winits states that, unconsciously, he ended up using these opportunities that were offered to him to establish himself in the profession. The intention was to one day reach the level of being able to choose which project would deserve your dedication without necessarily fitting it into a specific niche. And for her, that’s exactly what she’s currently experiencing.

“I think I achieved the possibility of no longer needing to be chosen. I became a producer of myself. But for women it is a daily achievement of untying ourselves from this place of prejudice. We were born fighting. Over time, especially with comedy, I showed that I can break labels and go in whatever direction I want”, he says. “If it’s a battle that still exists, I’ll try to overcome it.”

The actress will turn 50 in December and says that taking care of your body is not just about vanity, but about self-care with the instrument of your work. The actress is trained in classical ballet and dancing is part of her routine, which helps keep her physique in good shape.

“I try to eat well, do gymnastics. But there has always been this connotation that a woman who takes care of herself is superficial. Self-care, for me, is something deeper. It is synonymous with self-love. If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be singing and flying on stage in a Broadway musical at the age of 50”, he says.

In addition to the play “The Wizard of Oz”, running until the 24th at Teatro Procópio Ferreira (in the west zone of São Paulo), she is still awaiting the start of recording a film in January 2024 and the premiere of “Os Farofeiros 2”, feature film with no release date yet. And he has plans for another solo theater show for next year.

“I go where my work is and where I believe I am best. I am free”, concludes Winits, mother of two boys aged 12 and 15 who, according to her, are dying of jealousy. “I think it’s cute.”

Source: Folha

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