BBB 22: Tiago defines Lucas or Rodrigo as his voting options


Leader of the week, Tiago Abravanel confided to Linn that he is thinking of sending directly to Paredão or Lucas or Rodrigo. The revelation was made after the singer said that for her who should be thrown in the hot seat would be Paulo André, Maria or Arthur Aguiar.

The confirmation of the leadership of the grandson of Silvio Santos took place on the night of this Thursday (27) when the second test of the leader of the edition of Big Brother Brasil 2022 (Globo) took place. In pairs, participants had to run to assemble giant sandwiches. Whoever was more agile and finished the lunch first, won the dispute. Pedro Scooby and Tiago Abravanel got along well and won.

The two disputed the second and final round with Slovenia and Lais, Jade Picon and Lina, Arthur Aguiar and Douglas Silva.

Rodrigo, Bárbara and Eliezer were left out of the competition when they were vetoed by DG, former leader. The other formed pairs that competed were; Paulo André and Vinicius, Natália and Lucas, Brunna Gonçalves and Maria, Jessilane and Naiara Azevedo.

The dynamics of the week will be intense. On Saturday (29), the brothers and sisters will do the angel test, and on Sunday (30), the second wall will be formed by three participants. The angel will immunize a colleague, while the leader will indicate a person straight to the wall.

Scooby, who is immune, will also be able to indicate someone to the wall, as well as the one immunized by the angel. The house vote will also be different, and will consist of a controversial dynamic: nine votes will be cast in the confessional and the other nine will be cast in the open, in the living room. angel and by Scooby. Whoever wins will escape the hot seat.

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