Night Vision in the new Grandland: Provides solutions for night driving


One technology that makes the difference now in winter, when driving at night, but also in conditions of reduced visibility, is Night Vision. This technology helps the driver locate people and animals several critical seconds earlier.

This technology is found in the new Opel Grandland and is based on an infrared camera hidden under the Opel Vizor. It provides solutions and makes night driving safer, especially in low light conditions, such as on the provincial road network or on forest roads. Night Vision detects people and animals up to 100 meters in front of Grandland, based on their temperature difference from the surrounding area. As soon as the camera detects a pedestrian, bicycle or animal on the side of the road, it displays its position on the 12-inch driver information panel. The person or animal in front of the vehicle is marked with color, so that it is clearly differentiated from the surrounding area.

Thanks to Night Vision, the Grandland driver can recognize a potentially dangerous situation a few critical seconds earlier and react in a timely manner by making the appropriate maneuvers or adjusting the car speed.

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