The Town: Titi Müller celebrates first trip to a festival without working: ‘Wonderful’


Luisa Monte

After more than 10 years covering festivals such as Rock e Rio and Lollapalooza through Multishow, Titi Müller enjoyed The Town this Saturday (9) in the VIP box, on the public side. She told the F5 how “wonderful” it is to experience this for the first time.

According to her, contrary to what many think, there is a “glamourization” of those who cover festivals and that the obligations are so great that enjoying it is almost impossible: “We can’t even go to the people, otherwise we’ll miss the next interview. It’s a after another.”

Leaving TV, however, was a consequence of the family problems he faced. Presenting the podcasts Acessíveis Cast and Chilique Cast, she said that working on the internet is the only possibility for a solo mother of a three-year-old son: “Doing what I did before is unfeasible”, she says.

Titi faces disagreements with her ex-husband, guitarist Tomás Bertoni, who she denounced for assault and with whom she fights over her son’s pension. In April, the court overturned the injunction that prohibited her from speaking publicly about him.

She said that now, after almost five months, she is fine, but with reservations: “After the gag injunction came down, I’m feeling much better, but, at the same time, I’m very cautious, because it’s my son’s story. .”

Titi hopes that when her son, Benjamin, grows up and is “old enough to understand everything”, things will be better. “A lot of water will still flow under this bridge”, she concluded.

Source: Folha

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