The Town: Tainá Müller is mysterious about the future of the series ‘Bom Dia, Verônica’ on Netflix


Victor Moreno

Tainá Müller, 41, was happy after attending Garbage’s show this Saturday (9) at The Town, in São Paulo. “A lot of bands from my adolescence,” she says, excitedly. She was also looking forward to the start of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs show in a little while.

Like her sister, Titi Müller, who became known for her TV coverage of festivals, Tainá says she is also very involved with music. “My husband and I, in fact, we connected a lot through music,” she says about director Henrique Sauer.

The actress is enjoying her vacation, after starting to record the third season of “Bom Dia, Verônica” for Netflix. When asked if it would be the last time that the public would have the chance to follow the adventures of the title character, she said nothing. “Last one? You never know, right?” she says, mysteriously.

However, looking back, she says it was a character that made her grow a lot. “It’s a very intense process, with a lot of dedication,” she comments. “It’s a character that I’ve been playing since 2019, it’s my first audiovisual experience playing a character for so long and it’s certainly a milestone in my career.”

The actress says she notices this when she is approached by fans to talk about the series, and believes that this has a lot to do with the theme. “It’s a series that exposes this open wound that is violence against women and that ends up affecting everyone because everyone has heard a story or unfortunately lived at home”, she laments.

Regarding the third season, she highlights the addition of Rodrigo Santoro to the cast. “He is a very disciplined, very dedicated actor,” she praises. “I think he came to collaborate in a very beautiful way with the project.”

“People can expect very striking scenes, I dare say even more than in previous seasons. It’s going to be incredible.”

Source: Folha

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