Fight with parents makes Larissa Manoela the most followed person in Brazil in August


Gabriel Vaquer

The controversial fight with her parents over their financial fortune made Larissa Manoela feel the support of the public in numbers on social media.

In the 31 days of August, according to a survey by the BR Media Group platform, the actress was the person who gained the most followers on Instagram and Tik Tok in August.

Larissa’s Instagram profile recorded growth of 6%, and gained almost 2.963 million followers.

The peak was precisely in the first fortnight of August, when the subject was very much in vogue in the media due to interviews given on Fantástico, on Globo, and statements by Larissa’s mother, Silvana Taques, on Fofofcalizando, on SBT.

Next, influencer Mirella Santos appears. Recently, Mirella gathered more than 500,000 viewers in a live broadcast revealing the sex of the baby she is expecting. In third position, with 33% growth and a gain of more than 400 thousand followers is the influencer Bia Ben.

On TiK Tok, Larissa Manoela was also highlighted in another way. The audio revealed by Fantástico, where she asks her mother to pay for her corn on the beach, was the most played on the platform, with more than 10 million reproductions on the Chinese app alone.

The fight between Larissa Manoela and her parents is far from over. In the coming weeks, the parents must answer whether they accept Larissa’s proposal to receive R$18 million, but give up on financially managing Larissa Manoela’s career.

Source: Folha

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