Flick became the first coach of Germany to be fired!


His course turned out to be very short Hansi Flick on the bench of the German national teamwith the 58-year-old coach being fired after the embarrassing friendly defeat by Japan.

What is interesting is how the former coach of Bayern Munich became just the first in the history of the country to be fired from “nacionalmansaft”!

All the other coaches had left on their own, with the even more impressive thing being that before Flick, they all sat on the bench only ten people.

Since 1908, when the German Football Association was first established, there have been a total of eleven coaches, with Otto Nerts to demote in 1926 – as by then there was a whole committee dealing with the matter.

Followed by Sep Herberger (1936-1964), with Helmut Son to replace him until 1978.

Then he was hired Yup Dervalwho remained in this position until 1984, when he took over for six years Franz Beckenbauer.

Until 1998, Germany was guided by Bertie Foggsfollowed by Eric Riebeck, Rudy Feller and Jurgen Klinsmann with short terms until he came Joachim Lev in 2006.

He sat until 2021 on the bench, when he was replaced by his former assistant, Flick.

Source: Sport Fm

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