The Town: Tadeu Schmidt enjoys the festival with his family and denies being a jealous father: ‘I want them to date a lot’


Gabriela Bonin

The cold and rainy weather did not stop journalist and presenter Tadeu Schmidt from arriving at The Town this Sunday (10) with a big smile on his face. Accompanied by his family, he said that being jealous of his daughters is “outdated” and said he had high expectations for the next edition of the reality show.

When talking about his relationship with his two daughters, Laura and Valentina, Schmidt says he wants them to have fun and enjoy life. “That thing that used to exist about a jealous father, who didn’t want his daughter to date… For God’s sake, I want them to have a lot of fun, to date a lot.”

He says he would only be upset if his daughters stopped paying attention to him. “Jealousy? What for?” he asks.

At the entrance to the VIP box, the presenter spoke with Fred Nicácio and spoke about what it’s like to meet former BBB participants: “I have enormous affection for them, because I know that I take part in a very important moment in their lives.”

“When we meet, it’s always a huge joy. And I love it”, he added.

Schmidt said he cannot give spoilers about the next edition of BBB, which will feature a different vote, with only one vote per CPF. “I can’t say anything,” he said laughing. “Just my expectations, which are huge.”

Is there any preparation during the months without BBB? “Relax and wait for that 100 day boost,” she explained, jokingly. He said that, in the period between editions, he has other commitments, but that these are calmer days than during the recording of the reality show.

“I’ll prepare myself when the cast has been chosen. Meet and study everyone, and then dive in and follow everything 100% of the time,” he said.

Source: Folha

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