Messina on Spanoulis: “A player with incredible qualities, a nightmare for all of us coaches”


THE Armani Milan traveled to Athens in view of the two strong friendly preparations against Olympicgames that will be the Italians’ dress rehearsal ahead of the start of the new competitive season.

The two teams will face each other initially in the evening Friday (15/09, 20:30), in a match behind closed doors, while, on the coming Sunday (17/09, 20:00) will compete again, this time in a packed SEF, in which honored for his contribution to the club o Vasilis Spanoulis!

The Italian coach Ettore Messina, spoke once again with the best words about the Greek coach of Peristeri bwin, stressing among other things that in addition to being an amazing athlete, Spanoulis is also an excellent person.

“Spanoulis was an incredibly skilled player who influenced a generation of athletes and fans across Europe with his creativity, decisive plays and longevity. I never had the chance to coach him, but I felt how difficult it was to coach against a player who was a nightmare for all of us coaches. And he was not only a great fighter and a winning player, but also a classy opponent and a quality person.” he said characteristically.

Source: Sport Fm

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