Anitta says she wants to start a family, but her career stops her: ‘This character won’t let her’


To become increasingly known internationally, Anitta has been giving several interviews in publications in other countries. In the most recent, published this Thursday (14), the singer spoke about how her desire to be a mother and start a family is hampered by her career.

“At the moment I want to have a family and other things, but this character won’t let me,” she said in an interview with InStyle. “If you slow down, [talvez] Larissa can have a little personal life.” Throughout the article, the funk singer separates the personal, Larissa, and the professional, Anitta, and says that, privately, she is shy, sweet and insecure.

She also says that the character Anitta became fluent in other languages ​​”by sleeping with men who speak them”, while Larissa “the boring way: with teachers”.

Talking about men, she refutes the label of “fake bisexual” that circulates among internet users, who criticize her for never having publicly dated a woman. “Some people say I’m ‘fake bi,’ because I’ve never dated a girl as a long-term relationship. But even my relationships with men can’t last more than three months.”

She also commented on the sexual abuse she says she suffered as a teenager, at the age of 15, and says that creating a proud personality was a way of dealing with the trauma.

“Anitta does everything and says everything, she’s not afraid of anyone, she has sex with everyone and sex is everything to her. I just thought that if my personality was like that, maybe [uma agressão sexual] wouldn’t happen to me, because I would have so much attitude that no one would have the courage to mess with me.”

Source: Folha

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