On the two days of September 23-24, the 2nd Film Therapy Festival will take place at the Municipal Theater of Alexandroupoli.2nd Cinematherapy Festival“, during which, through the screening of short films, experiential workshops and discussions, it is possible to discover the effect of cinema on the viewers.

As the organizers state in an announcement related to the events, “Film therapy as a place where the art of cinema meets the practices of psychotherapy puts you and your experience at the center, rather than the director’s intention.

Watching films is a springboard for your mental development and self-exploration, which of course at the festival will be oriented towards self-knowledge, as the goal is not psychotherapy. You will leave the experiential workshop having gained yet another way to access your soul screen, while enriched with personal and professional skills for managing seamless change».

Also, “the roundtable will focus on film genres and their mental health benefits. Along with the invited guests, associate professor Ioannis Skopeteas (academic in charge of the Cinema Therapy programs at the KDVM of the EKPA), psychologist Maria Mavridou (graduate of the said programs) and Dr. Lilian Tsiavu (author and presenter of the programs), we will discuss the possible mental profile of the audience that is entertained with comedies, thrillers, etc.».

It is noted that entry to all actions is free for the public and the Festival is co-organized by the Municipality of Alexandroupoli with AMKE Methexis and Coach Your Vision, with the support of the Cinematographic Club of Alexandroupoli, Kyklotros, Alexandroupoli In Motion and psychologynow.gr .