A total of 570 weather events with negative socio-economic impacts and 284 human losses from various phenomena (mainly floods, lightning, windstorms) recorded in Greece, in the period 2000 to today September 2023, according to the METEO unit of the Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable Development of the National Observatory of Athens (IEPBA/EAA)

THE Thessaly affected by 161 episodes (28% of the total episodes), of which 13 also affected the Sporades. Figure 1 shows in detail how many and which phenomena affected each prefecture of Thessaly.

The categorization of socio-economic impacts into three levels (low, medium, high) shows that 27 of the 161 episodes that hit Thessaly (17%) are classified at the high level.

In 11 of the above 27 episodes there were a total of 30 confirmed human casualties (this number is likely to increase as there are still missing people from the Daniel episode). Of all the victims from weather phenomena in our country, 11% were recorded in Thessaly, which represents almost 11% of the total area of ​​the Greek territory.

Figure 2 presents the (confirmed) human losses by prefecture and phenomenon. Of the 30 victims recorded in Thessaly, 24 (80%) died in floods, 5 due to lightning and 1 due to a windstorm. The most flood losses were recorded in Karditsa (12) and Magnesia (11).

meteo - Thessaly

The 2 deadliest and most destructive events were Janos in September 2020 (4 dead due to flooding in Karditsa and Larissa) and Daniel this year, also in September (15 dead due to flooding in Karditsa and Magnesia, while there are still missing people and 1 dead in Fthiotida ).