Flay says she was disrespected and mistreated in a relationship with her ex-fiance


Singer and ex-BBB Flayslane, better known as Flay, used social media to vent about her ex-fiance, model Pedro Maia. According to her, the relationship ended after she was “mistreated and disrespected” by him. The relationship would have caused “infinite anxiety attacks” in the artist, who she claims felt neglected.

“My relationship didn’t end because I was on the internet, but because of a lack of respect for myself and people, among other things. I did everything to preserve the good memories and a good relationship even after the end for my son and in consideration of everyone the love I dedicated to a person who no longer exists”, he says in an excerpt from a statement on Instagram.

“I was always respectful, at the same time that I was disrespected. I fought for my relationship and I’m not ashamed of it, because my love was never false. I had endless anxiety attacks, I asked for help and was ignored, but I decided to live, even though I was very hurt” , amendment. When contacted, Pedro did not respond.

Following the report, Flay says he wants his story to serve as an encouragement “for those who are being disrespected within their own home” and “getting into a bottomless pit, in an emotional dependence that the other uses to blackmail and step on even more”.

The ex-sister was proposed to by the model during her birthday party celebrated in October 2021. At a certain point during the celebration, Maia went on stage during the presentation, took a ring out of her pocket, got down on one knee and made the proposal.

“Marry me, my love? I love you so much”, he said at the time. He quickly received a positive response and was hugged by her. The singer publicly assumed her relationship with Pedro in January 2021.

Source: Folha

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