The Sheffield coach is furious: “The referees are irrelevant, they are ruining the sport”!


His anger at the refereeing of her game Sheffield United with the Tottenham expressed the Paul Heckinbottomon the occasion of both the decision to send off striker Ollie McBurnie, and the general way in which the refereeing team – headed by Peter Banks – managed the match.

In his press conference after his team’s defeat (2-1) in London, the “Blades” coach used extreme characterizations, saying neither more nor less that Premier League referees are the football disaster!

Something needs to be done here and now. The referees are ruining the game, completely ruining it. Not that I’m complaining about the result. I was saying the same thing at half-time, as well as when we were leading 1-0. The referees determine the way we will play, while we have prepared completely differently during the week. This cannot be happening, yet it is happening“, initially stated the 46-year-old technician.

The refereeing is shocking. It’s not about their decisions, it’s about game management. Quite simply, they don’t know what they’re doing! The people running our game have no idea about it. They don’t know football. Ollie McBurnie was sent off simply because he told the referee that someone had pulled his shirt. What about our game?“, asked the English coach in closing.

Edited by: Andreas Alibertis

Source: Sport Fm

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