The week starts today with a pink mood 14.50! The first Gala of the new season is a fact and the 10 contestants must attend a glamorous cinema premiere of a film that broke the box office this year!

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Everyone can choose the role that suits them. Are they female protagonists? Are they directing? On what occasion are they at the premiere and in which city in the world is the event taking place? The choice is theirs!

THE Katerina Karavatou opens the Gala curtain and we can’t wait to find out how they will judge the girls’ effort, the Stelios KoudounarisThe Mr. Dimitris Skoulosai n Sophia Hatzipanteli.

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Tears of emotion and disagreements are not missing from today’s Gala! Which contestant, who was ranked low in the previous days, pleasantly surprises the jury with her appearance?

My Style Rocks

At the end of the episode, the fashionista with the highest ranking will be the winner of the first round of appearances, while the one with the lowest rating will bid farewell to the competition.

My Style Rocks

My Style Rocks

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