Hebe Camargo’s mansion is sold for a million dollars


“In the last years of her life, Hebe Camargo (1929-2012) lived in a 7 thousand square meter mansion, in Cidade Jardim, in the Morumbi region, São Paulo. Since 2017, the family tried to negotiate the property (valued at R$ 60 million) and, now, six years later, the house is sold for a million-dollar price: around R$ 30 million. The presenter’s only son, Marcello Camargo, told the news.

The presenter, also present at the inauguration of Casa Hebe (a space dedicated to the presenter’s memory), this Wednesday (20), explained that the amount will be divided between him and his cousins ​​Helena and Claudinho, heirs of the businessman and Hebe’s nephew, Claudio Pessuti. It’s not my house. We have a composition of percentages between us”, said Marcello.

According to him, everything was agreed between him and Pessutti verbally. Nothing was signed. Marcello says that Hebe did not express in life the desire for her son and nephew to divide her assets. “It was my wish. Claudio dedicated a large part of his life to her. I thought it was fair to share”, he acknowledged in an interview with the newspaper Estado de São Paulo.

Marcello acknowledged that the value and size of the property made the sale difficult and highlighted that Hebe Camargo was very happy in that house. “I always told my mother that the house was huge, but she said she loved it there, that everything was so beautiful. And she had that right. She bought it with money from her work and was able to enjoy the house a lot.”

The cars that belonged to Hebe were also sold. Marcello also confirmed that there were five Mercedes-Benz. Three of them went to Cláudio Pessutti and two to Marcello. With Pessutti’s death, in 2021, the family decided to get rid of the vehicles, which were stationary and required a lot of maintenance. The only one that remained was a white car, which now belongs to the son of the former SBT employee.

Source: Folha

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