A Fazenda 15: André Gonçalves argues with Darlan Cunha: ‘You’re a rotten orange’


André Gonçalves and Darlan Cunha had a heated discussion after the first Fire Trial of A Fazenda 15, this Sunday (24). The two became strange after Danielle Winist’s ex-husband asked for a speech that Darlan had made to other pedestrians. “I didn’t say that!”, replied the interpreter of Laranjinha from the duo with Acerola (Douglas Silva) in the series “City of Men”, which was released in 2002, following the success of the film God’s city (2002), by Fernando Meirelles.

André countered by saying that Darlan was gossiping with the other participants and didn’t say anything to their face. “I’m talking to your face! Something you don’t do! You’re a gossip, you go back and forth”, he said, scaring the other competitors in the kitchen at the attraction’s headquarters. “The public sees that you are rotten orange, brother! You coerce others”, he concluded.

Earlier, Darlan commented to Yuri Meireles, Nathalia Valente and Lily Nobre that he intends to provoke an attack and the expulsion of Kally Fonseca, lead singer of the band Cavaleiros do Forró, from the reality show. “I intend to destabilize her. I wanted to have her here to get into her mind and make her make mistakes. She’s the type that, if I get into her mind, she attacks me,” she explained.

Source: Folha

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