A Fazenda 15: Tonzão Chagas wins first Fire Trial


Tonzão Chagas won the Fire Trial in A Fazenda 15, this Monday (25). In the first competition worth the Lampião do Poder of the season, the pedestrians had to face a challenge that involved skill and luck.

Before starting the challenge in the garden, A Fazenda participants drew the order and possibilities for the balls in a chest in the room. Whoever picked up the yellow item could participate in the test. The players with the red ball were eliminated. Those with white balls were called saboteurs, who had a different role in the test.

After the distribution, the yellow ones were Cezar Black, Tonzão Chagas and Jaquelline Grohalski. On the rival team, the whites were André Gonçalves, Lily Nobre and Rachel Sheherazade.

In the Fire Test, the pedestrian needed aim to turn targets with different scores, with the help of marbles. The saboteur tried to reverse the same plates.

The winning saboteur, Rachel Sheherazade, can exchange one of the Baia residents for a pawn from Headquarters. The winner of Lampião do Poder, Tonzão Chagas, will gain extra power, to be known on the day of the hot seat.

Right after the challenge, Rachel used her power: she exchanged André (in the stall) for Nathália Valente (who was at headquarters).

Source: Folha

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