E.F.O.E.P.A. received the Olympic scholarship of the “Olympic Solidarity 2021-2024 Plan/ Deve


The scholarship “Olympic Solidarity 2021-2024 Plan/ Development of National Sports System”, of EFOEPA, concerns the “Development of Sports 2021-24” part of Olympic Solidarity and the Hellenic Table Tennis Federation got it because its own scientific proposal to the EOE was qualified and by extension the IOC against three more from other sports federations and this is a development of great and special importance for table tennis.

Michalis Katsikadelis, scientific associate of E.F.O.E.P.A., consultant for Physical Education of Achaia and Director of the E.A. G.G.A. The Federation invites as many coaches, parents-guardians, referees and athletes as possible to participate in the program.

With the 15-year-olds Giorgos Kosmas and Yiannis Koutras, Greece will participate in a strong training camp for young athletes in Taiwan. The gathering will be held at the Academy premises of the famous champion Chuan Chi Yuan from October 2nd to 9th.

The Federation chose the two children, not only as feral athletes, but also as a matter of honor, because they were the main athletes of the National Children’s Team, which in the summer secured promotion to the A’ division of Europe and won the bronze medal in the Balkan Championship ( another bronze was won by Kosmas in the mixed doubles with Mavra Kontopoulou).

Men’s national federal coach, Kostas Vatsaklis, will be in charge. Michalis Katsikadelis will also be on the mission to Taiwan.

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