Two old friends join their humor in a program unlike any other! THE George Lianos and Kalomira they will become our… tour guides in his jungle “I’ MA CELEBRITY… get me out of here”which will be shown for the first time on SKAI.

As the show revealed “Fay’s Time” with Fay Skordas, the weather in Santo Domingo has cleared and the shooting is now starting. According to a report of the show, the games are divided into 3 categories: adrenaline, entertainment-laughter and creepy! Of course, there will be prizes for the winners.

Christina Koletsa, as the show revealed, will not take part in the game. Giorgos Lianos and Kalomira have big surprises in store for us in the game. The two, according to the show, will be on a platform and comment on all the moves and tricks from the players’ games. However, the “terrible duo” will also be seen coming down from the platform and intervening during the game.

Stamatis Gardelis, Ioanna Lili, Bo, Tassos Xiarcho, Panos Kalidis, Dimitra Alexandraki, Maria Kalavria, Emilia Vodos, Angeliki Iliadi, Nikos Vamvakoulas, Giorgos Chiemonetos, Nikos Anadiotis and Stella Georgiadou are the players who have left for Agios Dominicos so far.

“As soon as I saw the players, I was a little scared”, Giorgos Lianos said with humor on the show “Fay’s Time”. Stella Georgiadou also spoke to the show’s camera about her participation in “I’ MA CELEBRITY… get me out of here”. “The game is an adventure that I really want to experience,” she said. In fact, the singer revealed that her mother also gave her her wish for participating in the game.

Unexpected trials, extreme challenges and decisions that test their endurance and limits are in the players’ daily schedule.