Kayky Brito: Driver involved in the collision says he now has trauma from driving


Cleared of any blame for the run-over of actor Kayky Brito, 34, app driver Diones Coelho said at Encontro (Globo) that he has not been able to work.

The company he provides services for lent him a new car so he can run, but Diones says the accident caused trauma.

“I’m traumatized by driving and I can’t work anymore. I’m seeking psychological help. When I start driving and see a person on the sidewalk it scares me and I go home,” he said.

“Sometimes I have an anxiety attack and I can’t sleep. It’s all been a bit scary for me,” he said.

A video that has gone viral on social media shows the driver’s reaction at the exact moment of the accident with the actor. In the images, it is possible to hear the force of the impact of the body on the car and the concern of him and the passenger who was in the back seat. “Jesus, beloved,” he says.” “Are you all right?” she asks.

Afterwards, Diones goes down to provide first aid to the actor, who was taken to the hospital in serious condition at the time with multiple traumas to his body and head. According to information from the latest medical bulletin, the actor has already left the ICU and is recovering well.

The Rio de Janeiro Civil Police will close the case in the coming days, as all evidence exonerates the driver of any blame for the accident.

According to a report provided by the police, Dione was well below the speed limit on the road, which was 70 km/h on September 2nd. At the time, he was traveling at an average of 48 km/h.

Source: Folha

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