On Saturday, September 30, the Happy Traveler in SKAI travels to the largest island of the Saronic, Salamina. Known worldwide for her naval combat and famous within her borders for her simplicity and beauty.

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Eutychis and Electra, before leaving for the island, go to see the throne of Xerxes above Perama.


It was the location from where the Persian king watched the naval battle of Salamis in September 480 BC. By boat from Perama they arrive at Palukia, the main port of Salamina next to the naval station.


They see the islet of Agios Georgios and Kamatero and then they will reach the hill where the ancient city of Salamis was located.


Immediately after, they descend towards the ancient port and the monument of the Paiana of Salaminomachi as well as the impressive Tomb of Salaminomachi that dominates the spot where the largest part of the historical Naval Battle took place.


They go to Selenia, where they will stay, and explore the town in the afternoon but also in the morning when the municipal fish market and downtown shops are all open.


They go up to Prophet Ilias and see the impressive view from above and visit the historic church of Agios Dimitrios where the tomb of George Karaiskakis is also located.

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Going to the south of the island, they stop for food in Aianteio and see the ancient olive tree of Orsa that has been there for 2,500 years. In Peristeria, at the southern end of Salamis, they walk up the mountain to reach the famous and impressive cave of Euripides where the great ancient Greek tragic poet wrote many of his famous works.

In the northwest of the island, visit the emblematic house of Aggelos Sikelianos on the sea and the monastery of Panagia Faneromeni with its long history and the thousands of paintings inside the church.

They also see Patitiri, Colones, the lighthouse at the southernmost tip of the island, Kanakia, the monastery of Agios Nikolaos and visit the Equestrian Club of Salamina for a ride on a beautiful horse.

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