Drica Moraes says that the film ‘Pérola’ made her reconcile with her father, who fought over politics: ‘Sorry’


In fiction, the film “Pérola”, starring Drica Moraes, addresses family ties and memories of a mother and her son. And, in her personal life, the production helped the actress reconnect with her father, with whom she had not spoken for some time due to political disagreements.

“This film is a reunion film. I had a reconnection with my father. My father is a Bolsonarist and during this whole period, we didn’t speak to each other for a while. The children, we had a break up. I called my father to pre -premiered in Rio and he came out completely soaked, with wet eyes and said: ‘my daughter, the best thing you’ve done in your life. This is one of the best films I’ve ever seen in my life'”, she said on the program Conversation with Bial this Friday (29).

Drica stated that it was during that meeting that she forgave her father. “It’s a film about deep forgiveness that only love can promote. We forgave each other in the film. He forgave me, I forgave him and we met at the movie screening.”

The film is directed by Murilo Benício, based on a play by playwright Mauro Rasi (1949-2003), one of the creators of the theatrical style known as besteirol and the iconic TV series “Armação Ilimitada”, “TV Pirata” and “Sai de Baixo”, from Rede Globo.

Source: Folha

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