Kerry Washington from ‘Scandal’ found out she was conceived by sperm donation due to TV show


Kerry Washington, the star of the series “Scandal”, opened her heart in the memoir “Thicker Than Water” and told stories, until then, private and family. One of them reveals the shocking discovery that her father was not, in fact, her biological parent.

It was only after agreeing to participate in Henry Louis Gates Jr.’s Finding Your Roots program on PBS, where celebrities can discover their ancestors and genealogy through DNA testing, that Kerry received the news. She was already 41 years old and was successful in television series.

Valerie and Earl, the actress’s parents, revealed the secret to Gates in private, who encouraged them to be honest with their daughter before filming. As a result, they invited her to a family reunion and revealed the truth about how they conceived Kerry more than 40 years earlier. “It really turned my world upside down,” she told People magazine.

Despite the shock, she said that the family relationship improved after the discovery: “At some point, we have to accept that our parents do the best they can and then we have to fill the gap by creating ourselves and being the adults we want to be. I always knew how much they loved me.” “I think I learned a lot about myself because I struggled and felt incomplete for much of my life,” she added.

Kerry told The New York Times that he tried to locate his biological father, but the newspaper wrote that despite their “best efforts, there is no way to determine his identity.” She also shared that, at one point, she almost gave up on writing her biography, which is still in process.

Speaking to the Times, Kerry told her father: “I’m not going anywhere, you’re not going anywhere, you’re my father. Now when I say I love you, it’s not because of who you’re pretending to be. be in my life, it’s because of who you are.”

Source: Folha

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