Delightful comedies, great classical writers, political-social works and a strong presence of modern Greek drama characterize the repertoire for the 2023-2024 season of the Karolos Koun Art Theatre, which remains the “home” of notable, stable or new collaborators and groups as well as important creators returning to their “place of origin”.

At the same time, this season sees the opening of: the “Open Stage”, a space for fermentation and artistic activities on the big issues of our time, the “Nursery” with theater education programs for all ages as well as further training/specialization/experimentation for young artists and the “February of memory and music” with tributes to the people of the Art Theater that we do not forget.

Referring to this year’s repertoire, the artistic director of the theater, Marianna Kalbari, pointed out that “this year at the Karolo Koun Art Theater we are more thirsty than ever for open horizons”. “We are thirsty to share “pieces of genuine heaven” as Miltos Shaktouris writes in his wonderful poem “Bread”. Because the purpose of art, especially in times like this, is to make us feel like we’re growing wings,” he emphasized.

The repertoire epigrammatically

-“Large texts” in the Basement: “Twelfth Night or whatever you wish” by Shakespeare directed by Yiannis Kakleas, “The house of Bernarda ‘Alba- The body where endurance rises» by Lorca directed by Maria Protopappa.

-“Classic comedies” in Phrynihou:The two slingers” by Lampis directed by Vassilis Papavasiliou and “The manufactured interests» by Benavente directed by Yiannis Kalavrianou.

-“Greek drama”: texts by Elsa Andrianou, Yiannis Kalavrianou, Marianna Kalbaris, Vassilis Mavrogeorgiou in repetition and premiere for Lena Kitsopoulou’s new work, a text-drama by Eleni Efthymiou-Sofia Eftychiadou, a performance for the 50th anniversary of the Polytechnic in drama by RMS- MATAROA (directed by Manos Vavadakis), a new play by Andreas Flourakis for the Children’s Stage (directed by Tassos Pyrgieri).

– “Love” in three versions by three female directors: Lena Kitsopoulou in “Kai lege, lege”, Eleni Efthymiou in “Love”, Sofia Marathaki in “Love and money” by Dennis Kelly.

Parallel actions

-“Open stage” (every Wednesday, from November 15): A “new scene” in Phrynicho with concerts, performances, lectures and discussions on the themes of the repertoire and important environmental-political-social issues that concern our time.

-“February of memory and music” (February 5-27): A series of events dedicated to the memory of Karolos Koun, Mimi Kouyoumtzis, Maya Lymberopoulos as well as musical tributes with the valuable collaboration of the composer and director of the Music Schools of the Athens Conservatory, Philippos Tsalachouris.

-Nursery for the public and the artists/expansion of education: theater education programs for audiences of all ages as well as new continuing education/experimentation sections for young artists.

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