A Fazenda 15: Darlan Cunha is the second eliminated from the reality show


Darlan Cunha was the 2nd eliminated from A Fazenda 15 (Record). According to popular voting, the actor received 4.43% of the votes and left the reality show on Thursday night (5). He competed to stay on the program with Sander Mecca and Tonzão Chagas.

The funk singer received the most votes to remain in A Fazenda, while the ex-Twister was second in public preference. Both did not have their percentages disclosed. In the reality show, viewers vote for who they want to stay in the game and the person with the least votes leaves the competition.

Galisteu started by announcing that Tonzão would continue in the game. After learning that he was saved, he returned home with open arms and high, thanking God. Upon entering the room, the pedestrian received hugs from WL Guimarães and Yuri Meirelles.

Darlan ended up in the countryside after being the target of Jaquelline Grohalski’s counterattack, while the former member of Twister was the remaining participant in the “one left” dynamic. Tonzão fell into the spotlight after being nominated by farmer André Gonçalves, during the vote last Tuesday (3).

The ex-BBB was the most voted by the house, being the fourth to join the roça this week. However, this Wednesday (4), she won the farmer’s test and was removed from the spotlight, in addition to winning the reign.

Source: Folha

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