“We are in the final stretch, in the second round of the elections, and if we talk about the political impression of the ballot box, I can say that confidence in New Democracy has been renewed, on the other hand, the performance of SYRIZA was clearly lower than the parliamentary elections in June” , said the Minister of the Interior Niki Kerameos on Friday morning to SKAI.

The Minister of the Interior referred extensively to the huge changes that will be made in the State from the beginning of November, stressing initially that “Citizens want actions and reforms and that is why we are moving forward in all the areas we had promised. We have just presented a new bill which concerns the state, with more meritocracy”.

“Regarding the bodies in the State, we want to add additional filters. Filters of meritocracy, objectivity, we want a strict framework. We are improving the framework that was voted in 2020 and we are identifying the pathogens,” he said characteristically on the TODAY show.

Four changes in the State

Speaking on the show, the minister referred in detail to the changes in the selection system for public sector bodies:

  • Strict criteria regarding the conditions to get a position. Degree and work experience relevant to the subject of the advertised position or management), ensuring that those selected have the necessary qualifications and abilities to cope with their duties.
  • Skill test as skills are very important in such agencies.
  • Performance contract. Candidates will sign a contract with targets and will be evaluated on an annual basis. “If you have reached the goals, you will have a financial bonus of 20% of your salary, if you have not reached them, your contract may expire and you may be replaced,” he explained.
  • Specific deadlines for selection procedures to start and be completed on time for all bodies.

“The bill will be passed in November”

“The effort started in 2020, we laid the foundations for everything, we found that there are difficulties. The bill is voted on in November. We started from the hospitals”, he said and emphasized “We as a state want to put more filters of transparency, meritocracy and objectivity in the State. This process shows that the government is implementing the mandate of the Greek people to make deep cuts to the state. We respond to the reasonable request of society”.

“Mr. Kasselakis is in yesterday with his choices”

Regarding the “civil war” in SYRIZA, she says: “We want a serious and solid opposition, we seek it, it makes us better. We want him to criticize us fruitfully and make suggestions. Mr. Kasselakis said that he is promising for tomorrow but his actions show that he is in yesterday with his choices.”