The new week started without adding a player to My Style Rocks on SKAI, as no contestant left the gala.

Eleana’s ace in Christina, who chose a vintage look, caused a great disagreement among the players.

“It’s a shame what you did.” “Your level has nothing to do with my level.” Tension arose between Christiana and Margarita, due to the fact that Georgia told her that she does not know Greek well and therefore does not understand what Georgia is saying to her.

In fact, the issue of the correct use of Greek was not left unaddressed by Sofia Hatzipanteli either.

Commenting on Mortasia’s look, her bag became the “point of contention” with Georgia stressing that it cheapens her whole style.
Of course, there was no lack of laughter on the set, as a sardam by Dimitris Skoulos was enough to make judges and contestants laugh.

The winner was Georgia, who chose to go to the Concert Hall to see a ballet performance.

See here all the contestants’ looks:

See here the catwalk of the judges and Katerina Karavatou: