Just like Whindersson, check out celebrities who joined the fighting challenge wave


Leonardo Volpato

“I’m going to rip your head off, you messed with the wrong guy,” says one. “You are disrespectful, I will beat you a lot. You are weak”, replies the other. “If you are man enough, which you never were, come and I will break you,” says a third. “Do you want to fight me? Then come on, you’re an idiot”, comments another.

These not-at-all-friendly dialogues could have been from Anderson Silva, Vitor Belfort, Jon Jones or Conor McGregor, renowned and award-winning fighters from the UFC world. But not. They are, respectively, from ex-BBB Kléber Bambam, four-time world boxing champion Acelino Popó Freitas (officially retired) and funk artists MC Gui and Nego do Borel, celebrities who will challenge each other in the ring in the coming months.

The wave of disputes between celebrities has attracted attention in Brazil and abroad. Many fans show interest in watching duels of this type and the championships dedicated to this have gained repercussion — and have also had a positive effect on the streaming market.

One of the ambassadors of this movement is Whindersson Nunes, the first famous person to fight Popó and stand up (or almost) for 12 rounds. On that occasion, in January last year at the Fight Music Show event, the duel ended in a draw — with a little help from the judges in favor of Nunes, let’s face it. After that, more and more celebrities have been taking risks in the ring (check out the gallery above).

Whindersson will fight again this Saturday (14), this time against American YouTuber MyMateNate, an American who lives in Thailand and has more than 13 million subscribers on his channel. The fight will take place in Manchester, England. But it’s just one of many others to come, in a trend that is increasingly heating up the world of entertainment. So, choose your favorite celebrity and place your bets!

Source: Folha

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