The National Theatre collaborates for the first time with the internationally acclaimed Greek director and teacher, Theodoros Terzopouloswho will direct it “Oresteia” by Aeschylus at the Ancient Theater of Epidaurus in July in the context of the Athens and Epidaurus Festival. The great director stages Aeschylus’ iconic trilogy for the first time and the performance is expected to be one of the major cultural events of 2024.

The identity of the show will be announced soon.

Why does the Oresteia continue to exert a terrifying attraction? A possible answer could be: because in man there is a need for a deeper relationship with Myth. The myth of the Oresteia is dangerous, it belongs to the world of the unknown and the strange, it causes terror because it reveals the unruly, the violent and the laws of the deep that cannot be tamed. Clytemnestra invites us to break the mirror together, so that a new nightmarish image is born from its fragments, which will nevertheless preserve the dark roots of the myth“, notes Theodoros Terzopoulos and adds:

Our intention is to study the depth of the myth of the Oresteia and to search for the unpredictable, the unusual, the paradoxical. The persons offer their bodies at the altar of openness, they pose constant questions and dilemmas. The aesthetics of the show results from the dynamic relationship of the Body with Myth, Time and Memory. We ask again the fundamental ontological question “what is it about”, a question that does not admit of definitive answers, but constantly activates us in the direction of ever deeper research into the root of sound, the word, the multidimensionality of the human enigma and the reconstruction of a new Myth».