New captains for Greens and Reds. Nikos Vamvakoulas, became the captain during the last exit process, and was also given the opportunity to choose the captain of the opposing team. The one he chose was Giorgos Chemonetos

The two chiefs shortly afterwards were called upon to fight for the good accommodation. During the attempt, Nikos Vamvakoulas was seriously injured, as a result of which he left on a stretcher. His place was taken by Nikos Anadiotis, who managed to get the victory for the Greens.

Returning to the hut the players found a box in which was the one and only Tryphon Samaras. In fact, he was not alone. He also had his favorite dog with him.

Emilia Vodos was out for a short time due to a knee injury. After the tests he did it was decided that he can return wearing a protective splint. She seemed excited about her experience at the hospital, as she had a handsome doctor!