The reports about Karpathos are increasing in the British media ahead of the international tourism exhibition WTM in London.

Award-winning Instagrammers Anne and Mike Howard – who have held the record for ‘the world’s longest honeymoon’ since 2012 and continue to visit over 70 countries on six continents – visited the second largest island of the Dodecanese and ranked on the list of the six most romantic and sustainable destinations on the planet!

According to Honey Trek – Anne and Mike’s popular blog trusted by hundreds of thousands of special interest couples – Karpathos is on the list alongside exotic destinations such as French Polynesia, Costa Rica, Bhutan, Slovenia and Mexico.


In addition to Karpathos, the couple also visited Rhodes and Halki and – as they wrote in their blog – fell in love with these three islands.

In another extensive tribute to the destination in the same period, the Silver Travel Advisorthe most popular website for travelers aged 50-65 with quality interests such as traditions and gastronomy, states that “Karpathos impresses with its hundreds of churches and exotic beaches, dozens of miles of walking trails and brilliant sunshine for more than 8 months».


Recently, Karpathos turned into a large film studio as it “hosted” the filming of advertising photo shoots of a large international production which took place in various parts of the island with the support and facilitation provided by the Municipality of Karpathos.

It is worth mentioning that the quarter June – August 2023 ended with a significant increase of 10.24% in air arrivals compared to 2022, while September also closed with about a 7% increase compared to last year.