Opinion – Rosana Hermann: Key Alves’ twin says her sister bought followers


For a few million people, Key Alves could be called a “perfect example of success” who has everything that almost every girl would like to have: a perfect face, an athletic body, fame, fortune and millions of followers on social media, all achieved in just 23 years of life.

But that’s not what Keyt Alves, Key’s twin sister and also a volleyball player, thinks. In an audio released by Leo Dias on Wednesday (18), Keyt commented that Key had completely changed his behavior after participating in Big Brother Brasil 23 (Globo). Even though she was eliminated eighth, Key was very successful with the public and caught the attention of Boninho, who chose the athlete to do an exchange on the reality show La Casa de los Famosos in Mexico.

Keyt said that her sister has become “inaccessible”, that no one in the family can talk to her and commented that Key has completely lost her humility. These statements make perfect sense, since Key Alves herself seems to have been dazzled by the discovery of her power as an influencer, so much so that she left her career as an athlete to work in “entertainment”.

One of the reasons appears to have been financial. In March, Key’s manager revealed that her salary as an athlete was R$3,000 in the 2022/2023 season, a very low amount compared to her income on the Onlyfans platform.

The most bombastic part of this audio, however, was something else: according to Keyt, more than 99% of her sister’s Instagram followers would be purchased and that her true base would only be 100,000 people. Did Key Alves really buy his followers? And, if he did, how many of his 12 million followers would be fake?

I decided to use some free platforms that audit Instagram profiles to get an idea, even though it’s not very accurate. Hypeauditor, for example, gives a very low engagement result for Key’s profile, just 5.55%. What’s more: from 0 to 100 in the follower quality measure, your profile only received a score of 34.

On the PathSocial website, engagement was even lower, 5.4%. Modash, which audits the profile by sampling, shows a shocking report: 46.55% of the followers of the @keyalves profile on Instagram would be fake. In other words, almost half of the total, six million fake followers.

But there is one thing to consider here: a 2021 HypeAuditor report indicated that 45% of all Instagram accounts are bots, fake and inactive profiles. What’s more, in 2022, cybersecurity firm Imperva revealed that practically half of all Internet traffic is from bots.

Perhaps it is within this spirit of general falsehood that Key Alves has been operating, along with so many people. Because she confessed that she lied to BBB when she said that she earned R$200,000 a month on Only Fans, as a marketing ploy. And she also published her R$20 million “new mansion”, which we later discovered was rented and not purchased.

In any case, it is not up to us to judge the influencer’s personality or behavior. But it makes us think about this world of networks, full of marketing, lies and falsehoods. It makes us think about what is true and what is illusion. And consider whether Keyt and Key could be the real-life version of what Ruth and Raquel were once in fiction.

Rosana Hermann

Rosana Hermann is a journalist, TV writer since 1983 and content producer.

Source: Folha

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