A Fazenda 15: Just like Rachel Sheherazade, remember others expelled from the reality show


Farm 15 lost another piece this Thursday (19). Record announced that journalist Rachel Sheherazade was expelled after an attack on Jenny Miranda, a scene that will air on this Thursday’s program (19). But this is not the first case of expulsion from the competition, whether due to aggression or harassment.

Fazenda 14 had double expulsions: Tiago Ramos and Shayan Haghbin —who had another chance in the current edition— were eliminated for fighting. According to the production, the fight “put the physical integrity of each other and also of other pedestrians at risk.”

In the previous edition, singer Leno Maycon Viana Gomes, better known as Nego do Borel, had his participation in the program cut short after getting involved without consent with Dayane Mello. Viewers accused the musician of raping the model – at the time, the broadcaster investigated the facts and opted to expel Nego from Borel, and stated that Mello received psychological care.

In A Fazenda 10, another well-known name was expelled: businesswoman Nadja Pessoa, also back in the current edition, was irritated by actor and model Caique Aguiar, who teased her by putting his feet on her bed. After asking him a few times to take his feet off, the confined woman got angry and kicked Caique’s leg. She even threw cream on the participant’s face and ended up being expelled from the edition.

In 2018, ex-paquita Catia Paganote was also expelled from the reality show for assault. She slapped Evandro Santo in the face during an aquaball game. The production of the program, which was in its 10th edition, decided to expel her the following day.

The first expelled from the reality show was fighter Duda Yankovich. In the 4th edition of the program, she slapped Thiago Gagliasso, Bruno Gagliasso’s brother, during a disagreement in the pool. At the time, presenter Britto Jr. highlighted the fighter’s correct trajectory within the program, but stated that the production could not let what was considered an aggression pass.

Furthermore, in 2012, in the special Fazenda de Verão edition, there was also another expulsion. Model Lucas Barreto came in to replace the dropout Halan, but only lasted five days. He was expelled after intimidating his fellow prisoner, event promoter Haysam, with an ax.

Source: Folha

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