I challenge you to prove that I took a penny, says Chico Anysio’s widow about inheritance dispute


Chico Anysio’s widow states that, despite the long battle in court over the actor’s inheritance, she wants to be reunited with the artist’s children. Malga di Paula was married to Chico for 15 years, until his death in 2012.

This Sunday (23), in an interview with Domingo Espetacular (Record), she said that she wants proof that she stole even a penny and reaffirms that she did not receive any of the assets left by the actor.

“I challenge anyone to prove that I took a penny. I was an inventor for years, at no point did I have the opportunity to speak. People say that I was not efficient, I agree. I did not have the correct legal assistance”, he stated.

Malga also said that she considers her late husband’s eight children her family and that she continues to love them. After the fight broke out, she tried to contact them, but was stopped by lawyers.

“They didn’t want to because they said the lawyer doesn’t want them to talk to me. If it had been talked to properly, I would have given up the inheritance.”

In August of this year, Nizo Neto, one of Chico’s heirs, stated that his father left him no material assets other than personal documents.

“It’s very strange that the guy doesn’t leave anything material behind. [Foi] Administration incompetence. It was stolen a lot, for sure. It didn’t check anything. I didn’t see anything. I trusted everyone. He was a terrible businessman.”

Source: Folha

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