Ana Paula Padrão’s husband falls seven meters after armed robbery on the Presidente Dutra Highway


Journalist Ana Paula Padrão experienced moments of anguish this Sunday (22), when her husband, Gustavo Diament, suffered a serious accident after being the victim of a robbery on Rodovia Presidente Dutra, near São Paulo. This Monday (23), the communicator recorded a video directly from a hospital to report what happened and update her partner’s health status.

In the video, the journalist reported the situation that led to the incident, explaining that she was in the car accompanied by the family dog, while Diament was returning on a motorcycle. While traveling along the highway, Ana Paula received news that something had happened to him and received her location, which led her to return about 30 kilometers.

“He was robbed. Another motorcycle with two armed people approached him and he stopped, threw the motorcycle on the ground and ran away. It appears that there was a chase and, between one lane of Dutra and another, in a certain section, there is a ditch seven meters deep and he fell into that ditch”, reported Ana Paula.

As a result of the fall, Diament suffered multiple fractures to his shoulder blades, spine and pelvis. The journalist emphasized that, although the situation is serious, the worst is over and that she will be more absent on social media to closely monitor Gustavo’s recovery.

“For a fall from that height after an armed chase… yes, the bike went away and let him go… he has both shoulder blades broken in several places, he has a fractured vertebra in the middle of his spine, he has another vertebra in the The base of his spine was fractured and he broke his pelvis. So far these are the findings, there are other tests to do. The worst is over,” she concluded.

Source: Folha

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