Fearless: Sasha Ilic has agreed and is coming to Greece!

Fearless: Sasha Ilic has agreed and is coming to Greece!

And the name of this one… Sasha Ilyich! Chris Coleman’s chosen successor has been found by Atromitos, who have reached an agreement with the 45-year-old Serbian coach.

This is about her former player AEL (the second half of the 2008/09 season), who of course has linked his career with Partizan (375 appearances, 53 goals/46 assists). He has also played for Telta, Galatasaray and Salzburg.

Of course, what “won” the people of the “blue and white” was his training course, being exactly what they were looking for: A technician with serious resume (not necessarily name-“bark”). Something that, if nothing else, Ilic possesses, being one of the two cases that stood out in Peristeri.

Having started on the shelves from small scales of Serbia but also the Men’s team as his assistant Dragan Stojkovicin the summer of 2021 he assumed its technical leadership Chukaritskywith which he finished in third place in the Serbian League.

The following season, i.e. last season, he moved to CSKA Sofia, where he made the big “bang”. Specifically, he led his team one breath away from winning the title in Bulgaria, which – despite having a record collection of points (84 in the final of the playoffs) – lost by just one point to the… lifetime champion, Ludogorets.

Given his age and performances, he is considered an up-and-coming coach. From there, Atromitos also had strong competition, which “flared up” in the last few days, with the “blue and white” winning the battle.

The two sides have therefore joined hands, with the Serbian coach expected in Greece within the next few hours. As long as the agreement is completed through the signatures, he will immediately take up his work and of course he will be the one to guide Atromitos in the home game with Panetolico on Saturday (28/10). Where the Peristerians are looking for their first victory in the league.

Source: Sport Fm

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