Hugh Jackman pays tribute to Isaac Bardavid: ‘What a life and legacy’


Actor Hugh Jackman, 53, known for playing Wolverine, paid tribute to the character’s voice actor in Brazil, Isaac Bardavid, who passed away this Tuesday (1st), at the age of 90. On his Instagram, he shared the video of his meeting with Bardavid on the show The Noite (SBT), in 2017.

“Isaac Bardavid. What a legend. What a life and legacy. What a voice! ‘Don’t be what you’ve been made’. Rest well my friend,” he wrote in the caption. In the record, Jackman reproduces a line from the movie “Logan” (2017) and Bardavid amends it with the Brazilian version, which left the interpreter of Wolverine surprised.

In the comments of the publication, Brazilian fans and netizens thanked the artist for the tribute. “Our eternal Wolverine,” wrote one. “This interview was legendary! Rest in peace Isaac Bardavid! You marked the childhood of millions of Brazilians!”, said another. “Thanks for the tribute,” wrote a third.

Famous for voicing characters such as Wolverine and Skeletor, Isaac Bardavid died this Tuesday at the age of 90. The death was confirmed by the voice actor’s son, João Bardavid, who shared a photo and a message on social media.

“90 years, 11 months and 19 days. If I know the old man, he would say: ‘Take care of life, my son’. It is with this sentence that I write that our dear actor, voice actor, writer, husband, father, grandfather, great-grandfather and friend, today left for a spiritual plane”, wrote the son of the voice actor.

Bardavid was hospitalized in serious condition to treat complications related to pulmonary emphysema. In previous posts on the social network, the voice actor’s son said that his father always had chronic lung disease.

According to João, the voice actor’s lung stopped oxygenating the body, even intubated. “The blood became too acidic (with very low oxygen rate) and because of that the heart failed. Doctors tried resuscitation, but the body is already very tired”, wrote the son, in the publication.

Source: Folha

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