1994 Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger they stunned Hollywood with the film “True Lies”, directed by James Cameron. A few days ago, they met at a charity event – almost 30 years after the film – and to celebrate Curtis shared two photos on Instagram.

The actors hung out at a fundraiser for the nonprofit After-School All-Stars, which helps children from low-income families. Curtis dressed to match the ‘Alps’ theme of the event; she is pictured wearing a German dirndl dress and a wreath of flowers in her hair. “Ya, my name is Ingeborg, I’m from Stuttgart,” she wrote. Close-up of her co-star in the film, wearing knee-high socks and a black t-shirt. “I LOVE the way my friends put on their uniforms and show up for causes that vibrate their souls and hearts. @schwarzenegger LOVES @afterschoolallstars and I LOVE ARNOLD! THE GOAT!“, He wrote.

Jamie Lee Curtis and Arnold Schwarzenegger

Curtis and Schwarzenegger also posed with chef Hans Rockenwagner. In their previous public meeting last October, Schwarzenegger paid tribute to Curtis, calling her ‘the most amazing actress’ and reminiscing about their time together on ‘True Lies’.

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The film won an Oscar for Best Visual Effects and for it Curtis was honored with a Best Actress Golden Globe Award. Looking back, Curtis shared that she would like to appear in a movie with Schwarzenegger one more time. “It made me want to do another one with him. I approached him and he was like, “Dude, why don’t we do another movie? I’m going to call (James Cameron) today.”“, he said.