THE George Lianos and the Good luck bring for the celebrities a test different from the others! The celebrities, as… other Houdini, enter a large box full of water and try to escape in a predetermined time. Except in there they are not… alone. The ordeal for charity pushes them all to their limits, especially Emilia Vodos and Ioanna Lili.

At the camp, a hilarious test awaits the celebrities. The prize, however, is no joke! Two large ice cubes hide a key inside them. Whichever team melts the ice first and gets the key wins something very very… sweet. Except to melt the ice the players have to use ONLY their bodies! Tryfonas and Maria facing Emilia and Angeliki. Who will win?

See an excerpt from how the celebrities spend their free time at the camp:

The vote sets the two groups on fire and creates a lot of tension and fights. What will happen; Which three will not gain protection and fight for their survival in a chilling ordeal? Who will leave this week’s I’M A CELEBRITY GET ME OUT OF HERE?

Watch the trailer:

Every Wednesday and Thursday at 22.20