Neymar and Bruna Biancardi end engagement, says newspaper


Neymar and Bruna Biancardi’s troubled engagement appears to have come to an end. Mavie’s parents, the couple has been less and less discreet in relation to unaccompanied public appearances and indirect messages published on the networks. These could be signs that the breakup is already real, it just hasn’t been officially announced yet.

According to columnist Lauro Jardim, from Correio Brasiliense, there would only be a cordial relationship between the two now due to the birth of their daughter, who was born on October 6th, still seven months pregnant. The two would no longer be engaged and, for this reason, Neymar would be more concerned about the news about his intimate life that circulates in the press.

O F5 contacted Neymar and Bruna’s advisors for confirmation, but received no response. According to the columnist, a public announcement of the separation should not take long. Meanwhile, the two have been exchanging hints on social media since the beginning of the week.

After rumors reported Neymar’s presence in his mansion, in Mangaratiba, where Bruna was not present, the influencer used social media to poke fun at her beloved. She wrote on Tuesday (31) in her Instagram Stories: “Don’t expect a person to change if they can’t see the problem with what they do.”

The Al-Hilal player also published a text on his Instagram account that appears to complain about those who criticized him at the party: “Taking care of our own lives is already so complicated, so why talk about other people’s lives? Everyone has their own reasons to do what they do, to be who they are. Live your own life, make your days happier and let everyone find peace in their own way”, he published.

It is worth remembering that, the day before, Neymar also received a hint from his ex-girlfriend, Bruna Marquezine, who referred to him when asked in an interview about a “deliverance”. Furthermore, the player also received a barb from President Lula, who cited Leonel Messi, winner of the last Ballon d’Or award, as an example to Brazilian footballers. Three scams in a single day.

This Wednesday (1), Bruna posted a religious reflection, which the web also highlighted as a message for Neymar. “‘Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest’. With this passage we begin another month, in the certainty that we need to rest and recover, to continue the journey with Jesus,” she wrote. “There is in Jesus the relief that calms the storm.”

Bruna also appeared on Instagram Stories without a wedding ring in an advertising video.

Source: Folha

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