Elizangela refused her daughter’s invitation to pose nude


Actress Elizangela, who died at the age of 68 after a cardiorespiratory arrest, had revealed years before that she had already turned down an invitation to pose nude in a magazine.

Six years ago, in an interview with the newspaper Extra, the artist said that she thought of her daughter to deny the invitation, despite the money being good. She has always considered herself “discreet and reserved”, despite being considered a sex symbol in the 1970s and 1980s.

“When I was asked to pose nude, I thought about my daughter (Marcelle, now 48 years old), the doorman, the man at the newsstand. The fee was very good, but no amount of money pays for my privacy. My intimacy is not the world”, he stated in May 2017.

The actress’ death took several professional colleagues by surprise. Many actors used networks to pay tribute to the artist. They highlighted Elizangela’s successful trajectory and her kindness behind the scenes of productions. One of the first to mourn the actress’s departure was Lúcio Mauro Filho.

“Dear Elizangela left today for another plane. Her debut was when she was still a child, alongside my father in ‘Esse gente innocent’. She shone in the first soap opera I watched, ‘Locomotivas’ and her character became a synonym for a rich girl: Patricinha . She shone from childhood to the present day, a career marked by lightness and talent. My condolences to the family, friends and admirers of this great actress. Have a good rest Elizangela!”, wrote the actor.

Gloria Perez, one of the authors who created the most characters for the actress, in soap operas such as “A Força do Querer” (2017), “Salve Jorge” (2012), “O Clone” and “Partido Alto” (1984), lamented. “Friendly, intelligent, fun, that visceral actress, every author’s dream: she wore the characters’ skin without fear or shame. I’m speechless.”

Source: Folha

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