Antonio Fagundes jokes about prostate exam in Porta dos Fundos video; watch


Porta dos Fundos’ most recent humor video features former Globo actor Antonio Fagundes, 74, as the protagonist. In the sketch, the actor leaves his seriousness aside and reveals his comedic streak when talking about Blue November and the importance of the CT exam for diagnosing prostate cancer, but in an unusual way.

In just over four minutes of a video that mixes serious information with jokes, Fagundes jokes about the fact that many men are still prejudiced against going to the doctor after the age of 40.

“You know me from soap operas, but today I’m here to talk about a serious subject. Did you know that every 38 minutes someone dies from prostate cancer?”, he begins in the video before starting a series of jokes about the male anal region .

“The question that remains is: When are you going to release your ass? Putting your ass into play is the best way to prevent this disease that is responsible for 28% of deaths when it comes to malignant neoplasms”, he adds.

In another excerpt, Fagundes talks to a doctor character and mentions a series of nicknames for the intimate area (see the video below).


With Inca (National Cancer Institute) estimating almost 72,000 new cases of prostate cancer each year for the 2023-2025 period, it is expected that expert guidance will be the same as for other types of tumors: the earlier detection, the greater the chances of treatment and, possibly, cure.

In general, in the early stages, prostate cancer is asymptomatic and does not change the patient’s life. In the advanced stage, it can cause pain, the urge to urinate all the time, including at night (called nocturia), blood when urinating and erectile dysfunction.

The risk factors associated with prostate cancer are, firstly, age, followed by family history, smoking, overweight and obesity.

In addition to the digital rectal exam, prostate cancer is detected by changes in the so-called free PSA (prostate-specific antigen).

According to the Ministry of Health, although early diagnosis is important to detect cancer in the early stages, recent systematic reviews (studies that synthesize the knowledge produced so far and present new data or interpretation of a subject) have identified that screening significantly increases the number of new cases, but without a significant reduction in mortality.

Source: Folha

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