Criticism in government regarding the new tax bill, the parliamentary representative of PASOK exercises with his statements, Michalis Katrinis.

His statements to ERT in more detail:

“The bill that the government is bringing to the Parliament constitutes pure deception by Mr. Mitsotakis and New Democracy in relation to their pre-election promises.

The prime minister said before the election that he reduced 50 taxes and that no new tax will be imposed. Referring to a series of announcements that included increases and benefits, as well as the abolition of the sobriety fee, he said broadly that they would be linked to the fight against tax evasion.

The PASOK asks: for the last 4 years who rules the place? Why haven’t POS been connected to cash registers or all industries. How a government is fighting tax evasion, at the same time that a draft budget was submitted to both Parliament and Brussels with a target of zero revenue from fight tax evasion in 2024;

It is the same government that, in 2019, rightly accused him SYRIZA for a tax-inducing policy, but then, after lowering the tax to 9% up to 10,000 income, he finds that those who declare as 10,000 are tax evaders, consequently targeting and punishing 500,000 thousand professionals, saying they are tax evaders since several of they do not manage to have a satisfactory income.

About the dramatic events in Gaza Strip pointed out:

The world community should intervene so that there are no more innocent victims and start the dialogue, as was done with the Oslo agreement between Yasser Arafat and Yitzhak Rabin. Where the foundations for the peace process in the Middle East were laid.

PASOK has always been in solidarity with the Palestinian people and their demands. However, at this moment there is an unfortunate attempt to associate the terrorist act of Hamas with the just demands of the Palestinians.

Our country did rightly and correctly to vote for the Canadian proposal to condemn Hamas, although at the same time it should have voted in favor of the UN resolution for a ceasefire.

We must be a country that seeks dialogue, peace and the diplomatic resolution of issues, so that there is no wider expansion of the war conflict, with wider geopolitical and humanitarian implications”.