Another afternoon in the kitchen of “My mom cooks better than yours” and Markos Seferlis welcomes Giannis and Giorgos who come to cook for the 5th time while he welcomes Sostianna with her daughter Eva.

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Giannis and Giorgos succeeded with their organization to beat their opponents once more. Today, the pressure for the two friends is greater as Giannis does not faithfully follow George’s instructions. But they do their best to cook “velouté fish soup with croutons”. What role will Giannis’ songs play in the process?

Opposite them, Sostianna, with her daughter, Eva. Eva is a student and is engaged in aerial dancing and Sostianna is the owner of a cellar with traditional drinks from Santorini. Apart from her daughter, Sostianna’s great love is Clairita, her parrot. Eva goes into the kitchen and cooks “fried chicken with rice”.

my mum

Hector Botrini he remains satisfied with the level of current prescriptions. But for him, cooking lies in simplicity. Which dish has these characteristics and will lead to the episode’s €1,000?