‘We don’t want to tarnish her name’, says Ana Hickmann’s husband about bank debts


Leonardo Volpato

During the last few months, the company Hickmann Serviços Ltda, which belongs to presenter Ana Hickmann and her husband, Alexandre Correa, has been fighting in court with Banco do Brasil due to a debt labeled by the businessman as “predatory and greedy”. The financial institution would charge an amount of around R$1.2 million from the company.

The bank requests the amount based on an operation involving a credit note. However, in contact with the F5Correa states that they were the ones who decided to take the case to court to try to reach an agreement, as the amounts charged would be exorbitant and unrealistic.

“The life of a businessman here in Brazil is tough. We have several businesses and thank God some are prospering well, but others not so much”, he begins. “We had a healthy relationship with the bank, but unfortunately they got tough in negotiations where we found their stance predatory and greedy,” he says.

According to Alexandre, the amount charged of R$1.2 million does not correspond to reality and therefore it would be necessary to file a lawsuit “so that the Court can determine what must be paid”. When contacted, Banco do Brasil had not yet responded.

In October, Correa and Hickmann’s company had already been notified of a lawsuit filed by a cooperative, which alleges non-payment of a loan. The information was confirmed to the F5 by the São Paulo Court of Justice. The value of the share is more than R$2.4 million.

Regarding the case, the presenter’s businessman and husband says that “this is absurd”. “There was a portion that was not fulfilled and they are taking this fact and placing it as if it were a higher value, which is not true,” he says.

According to him, “a future loan debt is a debt to be paid, there is a deadline for it and it cannot be taken to a present value. There is no default.”

“We don’t want to tarnish the name of Ana Hickmann, a woman who only works and produces, who promotes female empowerment”, he adds.

Source: Folha

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